Some of my very first memories consist of myself drawing pictures for family and friends.  My grandmother often said she would worry that I was getting into trouble whenever it would fall silent in the house. Without fail, I would be in my own world  quietly sketching images on the living room floor. Not much has changed. Any spare time I have is usually spent creating artwork. 


Besides taking some art classes in high school, I’ve really developed my style and skills on my own throughout the years. I’ve mostly worked in colored pencil, pastels, and acrylic paint. My personal artwork has ranged from large murals, slate and wood signs, notecards, and most recently miniature canvas paintings. 

About two years ago, I decided to test my patience and tiny brush skills with small stretched canvases measuring a mere 3x3 and 3x5 inches. I’ve been addicted to the challenges it bestows and the convenience of being able to take these on the go - not to mention they are so darn cute! 



For me, painting is like sharing my emotional life experiences. I use art as a means of storytelling. I want the viewer to connect and be reminded of a specific moment in time. I hope to help others look a little bit closer at ordinary objects and surrounding environments to find beauty in all forms. Giving that feeling to someone else is the highlight of my work. 


I want to make you feel. To transport you to your hometown hangout or a far off destination. To relive that album you once had on replay for an entire summer. To show off your favorite, red kicks. To capture your happiest memories on the tiniest of canvases. These itty-bitty paintings are one of a kind and custom designed to put a smile on your face with the ability to fit in your pocket.